Security & Safety

Ensuring the safety of our students is a responsibility that belongs to everyone, including law enforcement, school staff and the general public.

As a Rapid Deployment Instructor for Law Enforcement, I cannot stress enough the importance of consistent training with all departments, groups and staff that would be involved. This includes school staff, first responders, medical, fire and the students also. 

Mock drills done at least twice per year while alternating schools would be very beneficial. This alone could help first responders familiarize themselves with the layouts of the schools in the county if the need arises that they must respond to emergencies outside of their normal jurisdiction.

To help first responders with locating specific points of entry or windows, a numbering system with visible decals from the inside and outside should be implemented.

Retired military/law enforcement veterans who have passed a background check and are willing to volunteer to walk the halls or the exterior of the buildings could be a valuable tool as well.