Recommended Media Policy Change for Book Selection

The criteria is as follows:

At a minimum, the criteria for selection shall require that a school library book meet the following standards:

  1. Supports and enriches students' personal learning and the standard course of study for grades and courses offered at the school;
  2. Meets high standards in literary, artistic, and aesthetic quality, as well as technical aspects and physical format;
  3. Is appropriate for the subject area and for the age, intellectual development and ability level of the students for whom the materials are selected, and received access level designation;
  4. For non-fiction resources, incorporates accurate and authentic factual factual content from authoritative sources;
  5. Balances financial cost with need;
  6. Should not contain material that is not pervasively vulgar or in violation of NCGS 14-190.1.
  7. For fiction, narrative non-fiction, including memoirs and biographies, and graphic novels, in addition to other requirements of this subsection, a determination that the book is:
  8. Integral to the instructional program
  9. Reflects the learning needs of the students and school personnel;
  10. Is appropriate for the reading levels and understanding of students
  11. Is included because of the library book's literary or artistic value
  12. If narrative nonfiction, presents information with accuracy and clarity.

The governing body or its designee shall establish a recommendation review process that includes the following:

  1. The superintendent may delegate the responsibility to identify the library books recommended for selection to appropriate public school unit personnel;
  2. As part of the recommendation, a content access designation shall be assigned to the book that reflects the grade levels for which the book is appropriate based on the age and intellectual development of the students. Student access shall be limited to the corresponding grade level. The content designations are as follows:
  3. Elementary: Library books for students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade;
  4. Middle School: Library books for students in grades sixth through eighth;
  5. High School: Library books for students in grades ninth through twelfth.

All books recommended for selection shall be readily available for parental review a minimum of 30 days prior to consideration for selection by posting a list of the recommended books on the school website.

An advisory board shall be established to investigate and evaluate challenges from parents, teachers and members of the public on the grounds that they do not conform with the stated criteria. A parent, teacher or member of the public can appeal the decision of the advisory board to the school board for consideration.

The book criteria shall apply to all books on school property, including books donated and sold on school property.

The School System shall use screening devices to ensure that all computers owned by the school (on or off of school property) prohibit access to obscene materials.