Freedom High School


31 By one the universal homo fag dyke butch muff diver carpet muncher etc. would come words he reserves for my lesbian mother and/or her girlfriend: 

192 She grabbed me by the hair, yanked my face toward hers. "Pregnant? You disgusting little whore! I knew you were sneaking around. How will I ever live this down?" …"...I'm going to call and make an appointment for you to get an abortion…" 

198 Even from ten feet away, the stink of alcohol almost knocked me onto my butt. Still, he denied being wasted. I'm fucking fine. Don't you dare talk down to me. …You lazy bitch. I'm gonna kick the shit out of you. 

247 He dares to run his hand down over my left breast. It's a waste of pussy. …And what would you know about pussy? 

261 Sometimes I wake to find myself touching the most intimate parts of my body, satiating a hunger so deep, so vital, feeding it is integral to my well-being. 

270 Just as I think my heart will pound out of my chest, the tip of her tongue traces the outline of my mouth before her lips kiss the excited pulse beneath my right ear, then move to the matching throb under the left. When she kisses down my neck, to the small cleft between my breasts, my instinct is to protest. 

272 Driven by instinct fueled by solid lust we are skin to skin tongue to tongue and tongue to skin She kisses in circles the arc of my neck the curve of my breasts the smaller circumference of my nipples. She licks in lines tracking contours down my right side back up my left and, finally, straight from chin to belly button. She touches tentatively in lines and circles show me what you like gaining momentum building intensity She nudges me closer and closer right up against the brink and, no way to hold back, pushes me over the cliff. It's one hell of a trip. 

276 "…What good is a wife who won't please her man? The least you can do is jack me off." …"First of all, it might be the only time ever have big breasts. You'll enjoy them…" 

310 His arms encircle my waist, lift, and carry me to the bed, where he lays me down carefully, treasure. I watch him peel off clothing- his shirt, his Wranglers- until there's nothing left but the gray boxers that hid noting.He reaches down, unzips my jeans, tugs them off by the cuffs. I wish I'd worn Victoria's Secret panties instead of the garden variety cotton, but that's all I've got in my drawer. Gabe doesn't seem to care. His hands travel my legs, knees to hips, then push up over the slight rise of my belly to the small hills jutting just above. Take off your sweater. He helps lift it over my head, then unhooks my bra before covering our exposed skin with sheet and quilt and lying beside me, facing me, and he pauses there. …In response, I kiss him, plead for his lips and tongue and fingers to touch places only one other person has ever been given explicit permission to explore. He isn't Monica, no, not at all. She is silk. He is leather. She is lithe. He is brawn. She is low tide. He is high. She quivers. He quakes. The giving is different. He directs, and I follow the script, learn the action, rehearse until I get it right. The final act is approaching. I thought I would be scared but I'm anxious for the gift of knowledge denied by God in the book of Genesis. Instead, Gabe is the denier. Stop. I don't have a condom. …The pause has resulted in a need to start over, and that's okay by me. I'm enjoying circling the bases. Home plate, now safe, can wait. We Take Our Time And we both score twice. And the seismic waves are incredible. Massive. Nothing like the gentle tremblors with Monica. 

319 Okay, I've got several problems, and this one might actually not be an issue at all, though I think it has to be. I like sex. …But I like sex. I like it with Monica. I like it with Gabe, though the two experiences were not the same. At the moment I'm not interested in liking it with anyone else. But if I like sex. 

365 You a cock tease? …You a switch-hitter? 

366 Ooh. Tough girl, huh? Tough goddamn dyke. Let's see if you're into guys or girls. Bet I could eat you better. He pushes me sideways and back, into a nearby bedroom, and is on me so suddenly I can't react. Next thing I know, I'm on the bed beneath him, held fast by the weight of his body. "No, Garrett, no! Stop!" But the words are trapped by the booze-flavored drool inside his mouth. His teeth rake my lips and one hand snares my hair, snaps my head against the mattress. Don't fight, baby. I'll make you feel so good you'll never want a girl again. Here, check this thing out. His free hand unzips his jeans, and just as I start to panic, a familiar voice interrupts the scene. 

367 What the fuck's it to you? I'm just breaking her in a little. And, hey, if you want, you can take a turn, too. A good screw or two might flip her totally. Gabe assesses the front of Garrett's pants. Breaking her in? With what you've got there? Nah, I don't think so. What I witnessed looked like assault. You like forcing yourself on girls? Garrett shakes his head. Nope. Can't assault the willing. Goddamn cock teaser wanted it. "That's a lie! You're the last person on this planet I'd want to have sex with. The last!" 

426 "Dad never called her Maya. He called her Jenny, when he bothered to call her anything other than dyke, bitch, or whore…" 

505 I dare to slip my hand beneath the covers, cup one breast and then the other, circling her attention-seeking nipples with one finger. "Wish we had more time, not to mention privacy…" …I do want her, and very soon. 

558 Did you really believe you could desert me, run off with your "best friend," the one I can just see you finger banging? And you didn't even let me in on the fun. Oh, that would be a picture, wouldn't it? You and me and lezzie makes three? 

Profanity: Ass 7, Fuck 32, Pussy 2, Shit 34