East Burke High, Freedom High


Summary of Concerns: This book contains sexual activities; sexual nudity; excessive/frequent profanity; derogatory terms; alcohol and drug use; and self-harm including suicide.

 33 I was hoping I could watch an unhealthy amount of porn to memorize techniques, but it's almost impossible in a one-bedroom apartment. …I've even considered maybe watching porn in the morning while he's knocked out, but even naked bodies can't wake me up. I know I'm lucky just to have a cell phone, even though it has the shittiest Internet connection ever, but with a laptop I could sneak into the bathroom for "research."

 34 The apartment feels extra small, my head even smaller, so I go outside to breathe for a second or minute or hour, but no longer than that because I am having sex tonight whether I know how to or not. …He got his first blow job at thirteen from this girl Charlene, and he would go on and on about it whenever we played video games. …"I'll be fast. I need to know how to have sex." …He shakes his pungent weed in my face. "I gotta make some bank, A." "And I gotta make my girlfriend happy, B." I pull out the two condoms I bought from work yesterday and shake them in his face. "Look, just give me some tips or tell me girls don't really care about their first times or something. 

35 "Fuck all that. I boned a bunch of girls just so I could get off and feel better." 

37 As I approach Genevieve's door and knock, I look down at my crotch and say, "You better do what you were made to do. So help me God, I will ruin you if you don't. I will absolutely massacre you. Okay, Aaron, stop talking to your dick. And yourself." …"Good conversation with your dick?" 

47 "You have to tell me about Genevieve's tits now." …"I bet. No homo, but I would watch that sex tape to see your girl in action. Not you." 

79 He lets me join him, which is great because it keeps me busy enough to suffer through his small talk about "procrastination masturbation," where you save a porn link for later because you can't be bothered with the cleanup at that moment. 

129 She sets the painting down and straddles my lap. She takes off my shirt, plays with my growing patch of chest hair, and skims my jawline with the tip of her finger. …I flip her over onto the bed. I pull out a condom from my jeans as we strip down. I don't slip it on yet because I haven't quite taken off yet- I'm psyching myself out too much. She grabs me and I close my eyes because if I see her disappointed, I'll somersault out the window. The memory of Thomas taking his shirt off, running into the sprinklers, and doing push-ups overcomes me, and as much as I try to push it out of my mind to focus on my beautiful girlfriend, suddenly all systems are a go. 

161 I asked girls out on dates, was offered a blow job at fourteen if I pretended to be this girl's boyfriend to get her ex jealous- which I did, but pussied out when she unbuttoned my pants- and I only focused on the girls when watching straight porn. 

184 I hid the folder under my mattress like it's porn or something,… …They're talking about how to get a girl wet with only their fingers and how you don't need a condom if you're hitting it from the back. 

186 "I know I can be really confused about what I should be doing with my life and how I feel like I don't belong, but I have no doubts about what gets my heart going and my dick hard…" 

193 (AGE THIRTEEN) Brendan runs up to me. "Yo! Yo! I just got my first blow job!" …"Whoa. Awesome. From who?" "Some girl who's friends with Kenneth and Kyle. She thinks Kyle is cuter because he's coming into his mustache, but I talked a good game and got her into my pants. I am a god!" 

198 Collin has already lost both of his virginities. He got it on with this girl Suria when he was fourteen, after she gave him a hand job under the bleachers in the gym. Then he let this guy plow him last year when he was vacationing in the Poconos. 

200 Kyle couldn't fucking help himself and just had to fucking fuck Jordan's fucking sister, even though we all fucking knew Jordan is the kind of fucking guy who would fucking kill someone if you fucking crossed him. 

210 "They lying. I bet their little dicks are getting hard right now." 

271 We have sex quickly, and he heads off to work without wishing me a happy birthday, just a pat on the back after he pulled up his pants from around his ankles. 

Profanity Ass 25, Bitch 25, Dick 14, Fuck 116, Shit 71