East Burke Middle School, Hallyburton Academy, East Burke High School, Jimmy C Draughn High School 

74 Jesus. Was it possible to rape somebody’s hand? 

75 She’d already finished her homework. Some creep had written do I make you wet on her geography book, so she spent a really long time covering it up with a black ink pen. 

88 Eleanor looked down. Crap. Whoever wrote that gross thing on her geography book had written on her history book, too. Suck me off it said in ugly blue letters. 

174 And then he noticed something else. Written just as small, just as carefully, in all lowercase letters. I know you’re a slut you smell like cum 

281 Do I make you wet?... 

283 Eleanor listened to Steve sing song after song over the wet hammer of her heartbeat. The beer can went warm in her hand. I know your a slut you smell like cum. 

275 "Do you think we should get in the back seat? She pushed off of him and slid over the back seat. God, it was huge, it was glorious. Not even a second later, Park landed on top of her." 

282 "Suck me off."

 Profanity/Derogatory Terms Count

Ass 7 Bitch 10 Fuck 62 Goddamn 4 Pussy 3 Shit 8