Freedom High School


Summary of Concerns: This book contains sexual activities; molestation; sexual nudity; excessive profanity 

113 Now he makes me touch him. And other stuff. I tell him I don’t want to, but he says you can’t start a secret like we have and then stop it. He thinks it’s important I learn about it with someone who cares. He’s all how I’m ungrateful and selfish to tell him to stop. He tells me he knows I like it, so I may as well stop pretending. 

181 "She’s probably sucking him off,” Marshall says. Something about that and the fire makes me swear. It makes my dick move around in my pants. I want to touch it, but my hands are full. 

183 "He’s unbelievable,” Wick says to Marshall and me.” “” Un-fucking-believable. …"I’m just saying,” Ernie says. …"How were her tits?” Marshall says. …"How do you think?” Wick says. …"Man,” Marshall says… …"That’s right,” Wick says. “I’m getting a hard-on just thinking about them." …"Are you listening to this, shoelace?”” Marshall asks me. “Are you getting this, man?" ...My dick is hard, only I’m not just seeing Shiri’s tits, I’m seeing Wick’s dick too, and I hate myself. 

184 I hate lights out now because my dick has a mind of its own and my brain has a mind of its own. My dick gets hard and my brain thinks about tits and dicks, and I don’t want to touch it, but then I do, anyway, and then I’m hotter than anything, burning up, and I hate myself and I wish I was dead. 

186 "Who do you picture, man?” Wick says, “Shiri?" …"We know she’s off-limits, man,” Marshall says to Wick. “Even for jerking off." …"You can’t put limits on imagination,” Ernie goes. Wick and Marshall smack him across the top of the head." …"So who are you giving it to?” Wick asks me. He leans in close and grabs his pants. “Who do you picture, man?" ...Tits and dicks, you son-of-a-bitch motherfucker, I think, I picture tits and dicks, and then I hit him as hard as any goddamn thing I ever hit in my life. ...I hate the cool down room. I hate the way you can hear people coming from a mile away, so you know you can touch yourself all you want without anyone walking in on you. I hate how it’s so boring and quiet that when you dick has a mind of its own and your brain has a mind of its own, all you end up doing in there is grabbing yourself and thinking about tits and dicks until you’re too tired to do it anymore. 

220 She presses up against me, and she has tits now, and they’re soft. She lets me put my hands on them, and it feels good. She doesn’t hate me, and she is soft and good. ...My shorts are wet. There weren’t any dicks. There was just Liza. 

221 We’re on the wale, and Liza’s hot, and nice and good, and then she lets me get in her pants, and she’s got a dick, and at first it’s cool, it’s normal, and it’s hot, and then real quick she turns into Browning and the wale starts diving underwater, and I’m drowning, and then Browning turns back into Liza with a dick, and it’s good again and she hugs me real nice, the way a mother would, and it’s all okay, and it doesn’t matter. ...My shorts are wet. It was Liza and a dick. Man. That is some weird shit. 

224 I’m on the whale, and Browning’s there, with a baseball, and we’re throwing, and it’s slippery on the whale’s back, and we’re throwing, and the ball turns into a dick, and it’s safe, and it’s good, and he’s smiling, and the dick gets bigger, and then it’s not safe, but it’s hot, but it’s bad and not safe, but it’s hot, and my dick is hard, and then he stops smiling and the dick gets bigger, and then his face turns into Liza’s, and she’s smiling, and then it turns into Dr. B’s and he’s not smiling, but he’s safe, and the dick gets smaller, and my dick gets smaller, and then the face turns into Liza’s, and she’s got a dick, and it’s hot, and I want to fuck her with the dick and all, and then she turns into Dr. V., and he’s reading Ernie’s letter, and he reads, I know you’re a good person, and then he turned into Liza without a dick, and it’s not hot, and I don’t want to fuck, and she’s hugging me… 

Profanity/Derogatory Term Count Ass 37 Dick 28 Fuck 69 Goddamn 1 Pussy 13 Shit 126